Drone Training

Industry specific training at our 6000 acre base is included with all our systems.

Designed to get you up to speed and ready to using your systems, our drone training covers all the basics from the system itself through to cameras and sensors. We cover manual flying, through to programming automated flights and focus on more advanced industry-specific tasks such as preparing risk assessments and carrying out specific tasks such as electricity pylon inspections or field surveys in a straightforward, safe and efficient manner.

CAA certification (PFCO – permission for commercial operations) is a legal requirement if you plan to operate on a commercial basis. In partnership with the Aerial Academy, courses are efficient and concise. We will organise private courses at our base, or can arrange for individuals to complete the course at various locations across the UK through.

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We have partnered with leading drone software providers

DJI Groundstation Pro provides many mapping and modelling features for automated drone flight. It also provides a Geo-fencing feature that allows for a virtual ‘fence’ to be established, which the drone will not fly beyond. This is a very good safety feature for tasks like live electricity pylon, phone mast and wind turbine inspection where manual flight is needed, but the drone must be kept at a safe distance.

The DJI FlightHub online portal will allows M200 systems to live-stream inspections to locations offsite, allowing engineers and teams to ensure data accuracy and quickly address areas of immediate concern.


Dronedeploy allows for automated drone flight planning, execution and data analysis. It is extremely easy to plan a mapping mission and then get the drone system to fly it. Once complete imagery is uploaded to the Dronedeploy cloud where it is processed into 2D maps, terrain/elevation DSM models and full 3D models. These can be viewed and various analytics applied, or exported in a variety of formats for further use.

Dronedeploy also provides an App market, allowing various companies across many sectors to integrate with it for everything from automated object counting, to airspace awareness and automatic flight logging.

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Drone Deploy Drone Mapping

Enterprise Support

All our enterprise clients benefit from access to our monthly software and support packages.

Designed to cover everything needed to ensure smooth drone operations within your company – problems resolved fast, equipment maintained and staff up to date.


  • All subscription fees for flight planning and mapping software.
  • Phone and email support.
  • Maintenance return service – we’ll have your system collected, complete a full system check, perform any software updates and test fly your system. Hardware upgrades can also be performed at extra cost, with training on new features.
  • Courtesy system service – We’ll provide a system for you to use if your system will be with us for more than 5 working days.
  • Monthly tech and workflow updates – we’re constantly testing the latest drone tech and working to improve the way current systems are used and we do this with you in mind. We will provide updates on any new work-flows, analysis techniques and software features or kit that may be beneficial to you. And provide additional drone training for any new updates that require it.
  • In-the-field support from our operator network – we have a network of pro drone pilots across the UK and Europe that have be trained to use our systems. They can also pilot for you at extra cost.

1 Month is included free with all system purchases.
On-going support after this costs £150 per month with no fixed contract – use it when you need it, or choose an optional fixed-term contract and get a discount on the monthly rate.