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Tough. Flexible. Easy to Fly.

Using DJI tech – Storm is a custom built, weather-tolerant, easy to operate upgradeable drone system built to easily adapt to carry various payloads.

Weather Tolerant Design

No need to avoid variable conditions

Dual Camera Mounts

Adapts easily to various cameras

Easy To Operate

DJI Tech. As easy to fly as a Phantom

Redundant Systems

Reliable and dependable day in day out

Dual Batteries

Up to 30 minutes flight time

Tough Case

SKB or Peli case for transport



Zenmuse Z3

3.5x Optical Zoom

A great all round solution for mapping and inspection applications. Getting more detail in live inspections, or higher resolution for post analysis.


Slantrange 3P and Parrot Sequioa

Ideal for crop inspection, allowing the analysis of vegetation health, nitrogen levels and the detection of weeds and disease.

Zenmuse XT

Ideal for Solar Panel and Pylon inspections, Search and Rescue and Fire Fighting.

Storm with Flir XT and DJI RTK


Add Real Time Kinetic GPS to provide position accuracy to within 5cm as well as being resistant to magnetic interference.

Power Pack

Add three battery pairs and a six battery parallel multi charger in a tough flight case. Charge six batteries at once in as little as 20 minutes.

Dual Control

Add a second control unit to allow separate control of the camera by a second person. Allow the pilot to fly safely and the camera op to be accurate.

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System packages start at £6000.





Custom Quadcopter. 710 X 710mm motor to motor. Up to 5.8kg total weight. 17″ folding propellers. Fits into custom SKB case.


Z3 3.5x optical zoom camera as standard. Optional – Z30, DUO, XT, Sequoia or Slantrange 3P. Custom on request.


Dual TB47 or TB48 smart batteries. 6S / 22V. Endurance 20-30mins.


2.4Ghz Lightbridge 2 with 1km + range. Dual or triple redundant DJI FC. Optional RTK.