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We have developed robust inspection drone packages that include industry and task specific training along with full support and back up – everything needed for smooth drone operations in your company. Problems are resolved fast, equipment maintained and staff kept up to date.

Pro Inspection Drone Solutions

Designed for Industry

Our inspection drones are weather-tolerant, easy to operate, upgrade-able systems that support multiple camera types. They are designed to be safe and reliable, with redundant flight controllers, dual batteries and options for dual control and RTK GPS.

Tower Inspection with Storm


Camera and sensor options that save time and resources whilst giving unprecedented detail

Z3 | X4S

Z3 | X4S

3.5x Zoom or High Resolution

The Zenmuse Z3 (supplied with Storm) camera provides up to 3.5x optical zoom or the X4S (supplied with Storm M200) camera provides a 20mp image.
They provide a great all round solution for mapping and inspection applications. Getting more detail in live inspections, or higher resolution for post analysis.



30x Optical Super Zoom

The Zenmuse Z30 is an optical zoom camera with up to 30x and 6x digital for a total 180x live magnification capability allowing for highly detailed imagery to be captured from a safe distance.
The Z30 is ideal for the inspection of cell phone towers, live electricity pylons and wind turbines.



Thermal Imaging

Reveal details invisible to the naked eye by making subtle differences in temperature visible. The XT can reveal when equipment or buildings are damaged, and measure the temperature of individual pixels to 0.01 degrees.
The Zenmuse XT is ideal for Solar Panel and Pylon inspections, Search and Rescue and Fire Fighting.

Cameras can also be dual-mounted or top-mounted with the Storm M210

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Contact us and we’ll recommend the most reliable and cost-effective options for your industry and company based on our real-world testing of systems across the survey and inspection industries. Training specific to you is included with all out systems and we’ll even organise any additional certifications you may need to operate legally through our partners at the Aerial Academy.