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Farm Business Innovation Show 2016

9th and 10th November 2016. Visit us at stand 680

Our agriculture team, Drone AG will be exhibiting at the show and you can claim a free ticket to the event where they will have the latest kit on show. You can also talk with them about the wider Drone Aerial Ops services and offering.

Any bookings for our drone services or system purchases made at the show will get a 10% discount.

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From Drone AG:

“At Drone AG, we find that the best way to manage, maintain and maximize efficiency of large areas of land is from the air. As such, we develop aerial systems to help improve land management in rural industries. Our team of UAV experts, active farmers, and agronomists combine their knowledge to provide aerial systems and services for land inspection, mapping, planning and spraying.

We advise arable farmers and agronomists on drone systems that are effective in farming environments. We train our clients quickly, giving equal focus on how to fly the system lawfully as to how to use the system for their business’s benefit, such as in early pest detection and quantification, variable fertilizer planning or long term field assessment. We can help integrate our systems within your current precision farming toolbox to make field prescription planning more effective, crop monitoring and scouting more efficient and improve the long-term management of an arable enterprise.

For stock farmers and hill farmers we provide systems for stock counting and health monitoring. Imagine being able to launch a devise within a few minutes and scan entire grazing areas for up to half an hour, discreetly checking numbers, identifying animals in stress or in labour and pin-pointing exactly where they are. Even better, imagine the ability to do this in the dark.

UAV’s can be flown autonomously, without pilot input, to map large areas and show accurate details such as contours to assess flood risk areas, waterlogging, damaged fencing or bridges, fallen trees or damaged roofing. A device small enough to fit in a rucksack can give you the ability to obtain accurate images and maps, allowing you to prioritize jobs, make notes and pinpoint locations for your workers.

Our most exciting new innovation is in partnership with DJI, the Global drone manufacturer, to launch remote aerial spraying systems and services in the UK. Earlier this year, we were the first in the UK to pass the NPTC ‘PA7’ assessment for application of pesticides from a drone. Since then we have conducted successful trials using our spraying system, specifically targeting control of Bracken on rough moorland or woodland terrain. From early 2017 we will be offering courses in drone spraying for those who wish to purchase or hire systems. We will also launch operator services from Spring 2017 onwards for the control of bracken in conventionally difficult areas, such as rough, rocky or sensitive terrain, patches and hill sides.

Working closely with our clients we develop solutions for their specific land or stock management tasks that are conventionally difficult, time consuming, expensive or inefficient. Due to the ease-of-use of the systems and software we offer, we are able to train our clients, within days, to a point where they are confident carrying out advanced tasks. We believe that by working with us, embracing the technology on offer and using it to your advantage, we can open up a whole new array of benefits for rural businesses.

Operators from our wider group – The Drone Aerial Operators Group, are also highly skilled photographers, and as part of our service offering we can provide excellent aerial photography and video for marketing purposes. An aerial perspective really helps to show of the location and surroundings of any rural business.

Finally, through our enterprise programme, we are looking to work with anyone driven to integrate UAV systems within their business. Whether you are a large business looking to adopt multiple specifically focused UAV systems, or you are a small business or individual looking to use UAV’s in commercial operations, we can provide custom systems built-to-order, as well as full training programs and contractual partnerships.
Come and chat to us at Stand 680 to find out what’s possible.”

Drone AG

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Based on Harehope Farm Estate as part of the Drone Aerial Operators Group, Drone AG provides practical, cost effective service, lease, purchase and training solutions for farmers to gather useful aerial imagery using drones.

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