The Zenmuse Z30 is a 30x optical zoom camera with up to 6x digital for a total 180x live magnification capability allowing for highly detailed imagery to be captured from a safe distance.

With TapZoom, precise collection of visual data is as easy as tapping your finger to point the camera at the subject of your inspection. The Zenmuse Z30 automatically adjusts its focal length to give you an enlarged view, making the most minute of details visible in just seconds.

The Z30 is ideal for the inspection of cell phone towers, live electricity pylons and wind turbines with an unprecedented amount of detail for a drone system. Other applications include SAR operations, Security, Fire and even Live Broadcast for television. It can also be dual-mounted beside the X4S or XT Thermal cameras, or top-mounted to look up with the M210 drone.

Storm Z30 packages start at £12500 | M200 packages quote on request
DJI Z30 and X4S dual mounted



Size: 152 x 137 x 61mm

Weight: 556g

Operating Temp: -10° to 45° C


Accuracy: +/- 0.01°

Control Range: Pitch +40 to -90° | Yaw +/- 320°

Max Speed: Pitch 180°/s | Yaw 180°/s


Sensor: 2.13MP CMOS 1/2.8″

Lens: 30x Optical Zoom F1.6 – F4.7 (Tele)

Zoom Speed: Optical 30x 4.6 sec | Digital 1.8 sec | Total 6.4 sec

Photo: JPEG

Video: MOV, MP4, PAL or NTSC


Stills Modes: Burst 3/5 frames, Interval 2 – 30 seconds

Exposure Modes: Auto, Manual, Shutter, Aperture

Metering: Center or Spot

Shutter Speed: 1/30 – 1/6000 sec

Other: AE Lock, Video data captions, tapZoom, defog, anti-flicker