DJI M210 Dual Mount Z30 X4S

DJI M200 Series

The Matrice 200 series is here, designed for industry

DJI has announce the next line of its Matrice series drone systems with the launch of the M200 and M210 drones. Built from the ground up to provide the best possible platform for inspection projects in the critical infrastructure and energy sectors.


It looks well thought out and provides many options for high end inspection work. The systems borrows batteries and motors from the Inspire 2, with the latter being self-heating so the M200 can easily fly in colder weather.

Zenmuse camera options range from the X4s with a 20mp sensor and 4k video, to the Z30 with 30x optical zoom and of course the XT Thermal camera.  Of note is the M210 which offers the option to dual-mount two cameras at once, side-by-side, or one camera on top, allowing for inspection looking up. This will be great for getting thermal and zoom imagery at the same time.

The M200 series has a stabilized FPV camera for the pilot – again borrowed from the I2, along with the same vision positioning and obstacle avoidance systems, which will be particularity useful when conducting close-quarters inspections at super high detail.

There is also the option for added RTK GPS bringing position accuracy from meters down to centimeters. Great for 3d and terrain modelling, as well as more accurate 2d maps, and safer inspection of assets at close proximity.

New flight-planning and operation management software will allow projects to be planned safely and efficiently. And we are particularly excited abut DJIs new FlightHub portal – where inspection footage from the M200 can be streamed live to engineers and surveyors off site.

Storm M200 packages

As a DJI Enterprise partner, we will be offering the M200 series as a Storm enterprise package. This includes everything needed to start using the M200 series in your industry. Industry-specific training, on-going support and back-up designed to cover everything needed to ensure smooth drone operations within your company are all part of what we offer.

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