Rugged. Safe. Powerful.

The DJI M200 has been built from the ground up to provide the best possible platform for inspection projects in the critical infrastructure and energy sectors. Combined with our Enterprise Support for smooth operations anywhere.

IP43 Rated

Not just for sunny days

Top and Dual Cameras

Look up or use Thermal/Zoom side-by-side

Obstacle Avoidance

Sensors and FPV pilot camera

Redundant Systems

Reliable and dependable day in day out

Dual Batteries

Up to 38 minutes flight time

Folds Into Case

Tough case for transport



Zenmuse X4S & X5S

High Resolution 20MP Sensor

A great all round solution for mapping and inspection applications. The X4S features a fixed 24mm lens, and the X5S supports various interchangeable micro 4/3 lenses.

Zenmuse Z30

30x Optical Zoom

Ideal for the inspection of cell phone towers, live electricity pylons and wind turbines.

Zenmuse XT

Thermal Imaging

Ideal for Solar Panel and Pylon inspections, Search and Rescue and Fire Fighting.

DJI M210 with Z30 and X4S

M210 Dual Mount

Two cameras side-by-side. Get 30x zoom and thermal imaging at the same time. Cameras are also top-mountable for inspections under infrastructure.


Add Real Time Kinetic GPS to provide position accuracy to within 5cm as well as being resistant to magnetic interference.

Dual Control

Add a second control unit to allow separate control of the camera by a second person. Allow the pilot to fly safely and the camera op to be accurate.

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Matrice 200. 887mm X 880mm. Up to 6.14kg total weight. 17″ propellers. Case – 790mm x 390mm x 290mm. IP43 rating.


Zenmuse X4S (20MP). Zenmuse X5S (M4/3 lens). Zenmuse Z30 Zoom. Zenmuse XT Thermal. Dual or Top mount.


Dual TB50 or TB55 smart batteries. 6S / 22V. Endurance 13-38mins.


Redundant systems. Optional RTK. 2.4 \ 5.8 Ghz. 2.2 mile range.