Drone training at sunset
Corporate Training

for Enterprise Drone Operations

Bespoke courses built for you

Drone training courses tailored to your needs. With over 10 years experience in the drone industry, and contacts operating drones across multiple industries. We can teach your staff and you what you need to know to operate drone systems effectively within your business.

Beyond the Classroom

We believe on teaching by doing, all our courses feature lots of hands-on learning at our proving ground. Courses can include drone basics, maintenance, drone-based mapping, inspection, and task-specific modules such as Wind Turbine inspection or building site surveys. We can also offer full CAA PfCO certification via our partners.

On-site, catered accommodation is also available, creating an all-inclusive corporate learning experience.

Over 6000 acres of variable terrain, farmed land and airspace.

Large private areas that ensure privacy.

Office, conference and workshop facilities.